WordPress templates for home service professionals

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Adam Turner

Whether they mow lawns, hang curtains or clear drains, even the smallest home services provider can have a professional-looking website, thanks to a great range of polished WordPress templates. In WordPress circles, these are also known as themes.

A professional website can help small businesses punch above their weight when chasing customers in their area.

Home services can be a cut-throat industry, especially when you're a small player up against major franchises with serious marketing clout. This is where a good website can work to your advantage.

Putting WordPress to work

WordPress might be better known as a blogging platform, but it's actually a powerful and flexible tool for building business websites. In fact, WordPress powers 30 percent of all the world's websites.

WordPress can be adapted to do all sorts of specific things — from handling online bookings to accepting payments. But it also supports a wide range of themes for customising the look of your website. Just like trying on clothes in front of the mirror in a change room, you can easily test drive different WordPress themes to see how they look and feel on your website before you take the plunge.

The right WordPress theme does a lot more than just change the colour scheme and layout of your website. It also improves engagement with visitors, helping to convert sales leads into paying customers.

Keep it simple

To minimize the technical aspects of WordPress, hosting companies like GoDaddy offer a Managed WordPress. This takes the hassle out of installing, configuring and maintaining your business website.

WordPress Templates Managed WordPress Download Screen
GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress installs WordPress for you.

This service will automatically install all the latest WordPress upgrades and security patches as they are released. You also get easy access to security, backup and restore features, to help protect your site and get it up and running again quickly should you run into any trouble.

Try it on for size

A great place to start looking for WordPress themes for your home service business is GoDaddy's WordPress themes library.

Rather than just dropping you in the deep end, the themes library is divided into a range of categories from Agriculture to Sportswear. You'll also find a section specifically dedicated to home services — from home security and interior design to landscape gardening and window washing.

Each theme has a preview button so you can see how it looks using generic data, but you can also take it for a spin on your GoDaddy WordPress site.

If you've chosen a theme before setting up WordPress for the first time, you can search for the specific industry and theme as part of GoDaddy's Quick Start Wizard.

WordPress Templates Changing Themes
Those who are not using managed WordPress can select Appearance to try out new themes.

If your WordPress site is already up and running, you can go to your WordPress dashboard, select Appearance > Themes, then click Add New button.

1. Mia theme

Mia home cleaning service GoDaddy WordPress theme
Reassure customers they're in capable hands with a website like this.

The Mia WordPress theme takes the guesswork out of creating a business website. Don't like the AI-generated text or photos it comes with? Just replace the generic text with your own and you’re done!

This theme also has the option of a built-in blog. Blogging is a good way to provide tips, introduce new services and share project ideas to inspire people.

2. Velux Landscaping theme

Li house painter GoDaddy WordPress theme

The Li theme is visually striking, letting you show potential customers how you could transform their homes.

Keep the background photo that comes with this theme or easily swap it out for one of the many free photos in the library — or even one of your own.

This stylish theme looks great on a desktop computer or mobile device, which is important considering that these days people tend to reach for their smartphones first. If your site can’t be easily opened and used on a mobile device, they’ll go to one that can.

3. Stout Home Security theme

Moreno home repair service GoDaddy WordPress theme

The Moreno theme really looks the business. The bold font and professional-looking layout is all about establishing your authority as someone people can trust to get the job done.

The prominent "Contact Us" button is a great call-to-action.

A call-to-action increases response by encouraging visitors to stop window shopping and take the next step. You can change the words from GET STARTED to CALL NOW with a link to an email form if you like — a few clicks is all it takes.

Grow your business with WordPress templates

If you want to get ahead in the busy home services sector, then it helps to stand out from the crowd. Having a website will also help future customers find you online when they search for services like yours.

A Managed WordPress from GoDaddy offers the power and flexibility needed to help your business spruik its wares and engage with customers. Building on this, you'll find a great range of WordPress themes to ensure that your business looks the part.

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