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GoDaddy Payments handles more than in-store payments

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Among all the tasks that solopreneurs and small business owners have on their to-do lists, No. 1 is getting paid. 

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GoDaddy recently announced the launch of a new payment capability for our Canadian customers who use Online Store and Managed WooCommerce Stores. They now have a secure payment processing capability in GoDaddy Payments, complete with the Poynt Smart Terminal. 

In addition to in-person payments, GoDaddy Payments makes it possible to take online and remote payments with its Pay Links and Virtual Terminal features. No website or online store required! 

2 more ways to get paid with GoDaddy Payments

When you sign up for GoDaddy Payments, you have two additional ways to accept all major debit and credit cards: Online Pay Links and Virtual Terminal. 

With Online Pay Links, you can accept online payments from anyone — even without a website. 

You can create a payment link in minutes and share it with your customers anywhere they do business — on social media, via text message, email and more.  

These links take customers to a secure checkout page to make their payment.

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You enjoy the same level of transaction security you’d get if you had an Online Store with us. GoDaddy follows strict PCI security standards and uses advanced encryption to hide sensitive information in Online Pay Links, keeping your business and your customers safe.  

While you don’t need a freestanding website to use Pay Links, you can still customize it to fit your business branding. 

Just add your product image, company branding and logo to your checkout page. 

The pricing for this service is a standard fee of 2.7% + 0 cents CAD per transaction. There are no setup fees or long-term contracts. 

Virtual Terminal 

With Virtual Terminal, you can take over-the-phone or remote payments quickly and securely using your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

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Just open Virtual Terminal in a web browser and manually enter your customer’s payment information to process a payment anytime, anywhere. 

Virtual Terminal transactions are priced at a standard fee of 3.3% + 0 cents CAD per transaction, with no setup fees or long-term contracts. 

Fast and secure payments with GoDaddy Payments 

From setup to completing a transaction, GoDaddy Payments is fast, easy and secure.  

  • Account creation is simple Virtual terminal sale screen
  • Verification takes minutes 
  • You can take payments right away 

Once you’ve completed a transaction, money is deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day. 

As with Pay Links, GoDaddy Payments features top-shelf encryption and conforms to the strictest payment card industry (PCI) compliance standards. 

If you ever need help with GoDaddy Payments, you can reach our award-winning customer care team 24/7. 

Customer support agents are here to: 

  • Answer your questions 
  • Provide support  
  • Help you get paid quickly with GoDaddy Payments

Ready to get started? Sign up for GoDaddy Payments and get paid quickly and securely — with or without a website. 

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