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External SMTP Relay on Shared Hosting

Hi All


Looking for suggestions to resolve my issue. I have several dedicated hosts and one GoDaddy shared hosting website.


I've been noticing that (with increasing frequency) emails from my shared hosting site (which go via the shared hosting proxy by law) are being marked as spam by their recipients. One week it works, the next it doesn't. It's far too unreliable. I only send 30 a week!


What I want to do is send the emails via one of my dedicated hosts.


Now, we all know that GoDaddy says we cannot do so because of "security". Ah 'Security', the magic bullet for fobbing off the consumer and the voter. The more technical amongst us know that there are no extenuating security risks with using an external SMTP. Even discussing what the security issues might be is ridiculous, seeing as the real reason as we all know is to push customers to a more expensive plan.


Well I was sold shared hosting with the ability send mail. If my mail is getting blocked by everyone for the principle reason that it comes from a GoDaddy server, well then I think I'm not getting what I paid for. The service is not fit for purpose.


Is it about time GoDaddy admit they can't keep their SMTP servers off spam lists and opened outgoing email ports?


Helper III

Hi @JamesAM,


How is it unreliable if those emails are successfully being sent? Take it from me on the dedicated host part, unless you’re sending emails to a community you manage, you’re risking your server’s I.P. getting blacklisted by people marking your emails as spam.


I’ve spoken with numerous (experienced) webmasters about sending out emails from your own server, and it’s not a good idea, not to mention how it eats up hosting resources.


The shared hosting plan allows people to create emails for general use. If you’re looking for a robust emailing platform to send out emails to your clients & customers, I recommend looking at GoDaddy’s email plans, or (perhaps free &) more suitable email service.


Good luck solving your emailing & SMTP issue.


I am having trouble with this as well.   Local host works but barely,   I Can't get it to connect to an external smtp that I want to use (mailgun)

I have tried both Mailgun and AWS. Both will not work with shared hosting in my experience.