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GoDaddy stealing money- Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel Renewal spliting the bill for 2nd domain


I have two domains on delux hosting (time difference is 6 monts). I just want to pay for one now and the other when it is suppose to be. GoDaddy by its own free will decided to take the money for something that is paid.


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Hey @sektor12, I understand your frustration. The exact same thing has happened to me before when renewing products with GoDaddy. The checkout process has a bunch of gates in it and it is sometimes really easy to get lost or add unintended products to your purchase. I remember on one occasion I was renewing domains that were due to expire but mistakenly clicked the Select All button. That would have been an expensive error but I was able to call GoDaddy and they were more than helpful in getting me charged properly.


If the early payment is really bothering you GoDaddy is generally great with mistaken charges if you can call before 48 hours or so and notify them. Otherwise I'd say you have to learn like I did to click carefully, check your cart and click carefully again. It's not just GoDaddy by the way I had to turn off 1 Click Ordering on my Amazon because when scrolling on my tablet my finger ALWAYS seemed to hit that button and I'd get all kinds of stuff in error. I hope that helps? Happy buying!

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It is very difficult for people like me to contact GoDaddy. I live in Serbia and can’t call GoDaddy – NO FREE PHONE CALL. Last time I spent over 80EUR for the phone in order to fix something with the personnel (some GoDaddy operative in Phoenix). So, I migrated to a local provider. I am sorry, but GoDaddy has to change policy in order to retain and gain customers in countries with no local office. I have migrated to a new hosting provider- a local one. Buy to all of you