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Godaddy firewall blocking RSS feeds and updates

I have two feeds from external websites (hosted on GoDaddy as well) that I'm feeding into my Wordpress website. The feeds do not update or don't show at all. These feeds work on another website outside GoDaddy and they work on my local testbed. So I know it's not the feed code itself. I have the firewall enabled for the website for security reasons. I have caching off though. I've shut off everything I can think of and checked and rechecked the settings but I can't get these feeds to either update or show at all.

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What's the sites name? Also the pages where the feeds are suppose to load?


It sounds like the firewall may still be caching the pages or at least causing it not to load. I would suggest editing your host file to look beyond the firewall and see if its loading.


If we can confirm its the firewall. There are settings in your firewall to completely disable any caching on a particular web page. That may help if we can confirm the firewall is the culprit.

I set up a test page here:

You can see that the feed from the same site works.

The feed from the webinars website works but doesn't refresh regularly.

The feed from the academy website does not work at all.


All three work as expected on my local.

Unfortunately I cannot edit my host file as only the IT department has admin privileges on my work computer to change the file.

On the goDaddy dashboard I set the test page as a Non-Cache URL. I also added the academy website as a trusted IP address. 

It still doesn't seem to help.