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Website hosting account is storing files in a manner for which it is not intended or compatible.

For many years I hosted my website with GoDaddy primarily used to display family photographs and family history. I have thousands of photographs dating back to the early 1900's. I left GoDaddy for about a year and recently reestablished a hosting account with them. This week I got the email below saying I was in violation of the GoDaddy policy. I'm wondering why this wasn't an issue for the many other years I hosted with GoDaddy, but is now. 


Dear Marion Yester,

Your website hosting account is storing files in a manner for which it is not intended or compatible.

While we ask that you fully review your current and intended usage, the following is of primary concern at this time:


We understand that this situation was most likely not intentional. However, whether or not the content is linked or otherwise in use, storing large individual files and/or large collections of files on your website hosting space causes and contributes to various issues which negatively impact our service and, in turn, its performance and availability to other customers.

While file hosting services and server plans are designed to host large individual files and/or large collections of files, your website hosting plan is designed and optimized to serve website pages as quickly and efficiently as possible.

It is therefore necessary for you to not just reduce, but fully remove/move all content being used in this way to a compatible platform, in a timely manner.

If you require online access to large files or collections of files, you may wish to consider one of the various online file storage services that are available for this purpose. As we are unable to provide any specific recommendations in regards to third-party products and services, we would respectfully suggest further research through your favorite Internet search engine, using terms such as online file storage or online cloud storage, etc., if necessary.

Alternatively, one of our Server plans may fulfill these needs. Please see our website for more information, and let us know if we can be of any additional assistance to you in that regard.


Due to the serious nature of this situation, your hosting account may be suspended and/or content in violation removed by our hosting administrators if you do not correct this issue by 06/18/2019(MST, GMT -7).

However, we must ask that you please review and resolve this matter as quickly as possible. Should any associated negative impact persist or escalate in severity, it may become necessary to suspend your service and/or remove content in violation prior to the review date listed above, without further advance notification.

Please be aware that if your hosting account is suspended, any websites you host on this plan will be disabled. Additionally, should it become necessary for content to be removed on your behalf due to non-compliance and/or non-response in this matter, that content cannot be restored to your hosting space.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions or require any assistance, please review the support documents and contact information that is available through the Help link, once you have logged in to your MyAccount interface. Additionally, you may call us at 480-366-3501.

GoDaddy Network Violations Team
[Investigation ID:2932399]

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Super User III

Re: Website hosting account is storing files in a manner for which it is not intended or compatible.



If I had to guess it's probably the file size of what you have posted - I recently had a similar issue on Managed WordPress - a client with an internet radio station storing their archives - it seemed to trigger a flag when they crossed the 100GB amount.


For my client I moved their archive to Amazon S3 as you pay $0.029/GB and it can actually be less depending on how long they are stored for  / often then are accessed



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Re: Website hosting account is storing files in a manner for which it is not intended or compatible.

Thanks. When I spoke to GoDaddy they said if was the number of files and the size of some of the files, and the I had them all in just two directories. They said I could spread them out across several directories which would help. I also decided to go the Amazon S3 route. Thanks for the replay.