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Website super slow, timing out - php and mysql site, fine for 4 yrs.

I have a shared hosting with Godaddy. My site has been fast, I mean faster than google for 4 years since it's been on here. The past MONTH it is so slow it sometimes times out, usually slow from 11am - 7pm eastern. I'm not getting any help from support. Did get a 2nd level tech who said it's definitely not our website, it's when the website connects the to database and that the godaddy database server is probably having issues. I'm not sure what else to do. Again, that has worked great for 4 years and it was working perfectly but since october 15th this issue is happening.chart.JPG

Try loading the above link and clicking search by vehicle. It basically grinds to a hault, unless it's after 7pm eastern usually, which is not right.
I also hired a developer as suggested by godaddy to look through all the code, and they even hosted the site locally on a computer as a test and it's NOT the website... They too said it's godaddy database server maybe gettinga DDOS attack or something is wrong.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @Jackie123,  I sent you a private message here on the forums.  Can you take a look at that message and reply back with the requested information?  Thanks.  



Issue happens from 11am-6pm eastern!