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    Paying with PayPal issue



    I am trying to pay for a WordPress hosting service with GoDaddy and pay with my PayPal account.

    My preferred method of paying through PayPal is with my bank account as I do not have a card to use.

    I have configured this in my PayPal account but when I login and try and pay it will only let me add a new card?


    Can someone please help me with how to fix this. PayPal have said the following after setting my account as my preferred payment source:


    You selected your XXXX BANK PLC as your preferred way to make payments. We'll use it whenever you shop online or send money for goods and services.


    So I am confused as to why using it with GoDaddy I am told to add a card. BTW I have tried logging out and back in again a number of times too.




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