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How long do you register your domains for?

When I started registering domains years ago I kept them to a one-year renewal period. Figured if I wanted to keep the domain I'd just renew.


But now I'm not so sure that this is the best approach. Maybe I should be registering them for longer...


What about you? How long do you have your domains registered for?

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I usually suggest that clients register for multiple years (2, 3, 4...) so that they don't have to REMEMBER to do it so often. I can't tell you how many times client sites go down because they forget to pay either domain or hosting renewal fees. 

The other thing I sometimes do is call tech support and ask them to extend registration by a prorated amount so that the domain and hosting bills are due at the same time (and clients can then only pay once per year, instead of multiple times per year). I know that's not a requirement but it can be an efficiency thing. Especially if there are multiple domains. Then if they all expire at the same time, it's easier to renew all at once.

I have seen clients register for 10 years -- I think that is probably longer than I would recommend. There's no real cost advantage unless there is some special deal where it's cheaper for longer terms. And then what if the business closes? You may have paid for a number of years you don't need. 

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@Andy wrote:

What about you? How long do you have your domains registered for?

As long as possible. The default in my Reseller store is 5 years (the longest I can select) but in my other storefronts the default is 10 years. If I secure a client's domain I suggest 10 years and I will heavily discount long term domain purchases but for me it is a billing issue. I push all of my domain billing to April or October (whichever is the closet going forward) so I only deal with domain renewals twice per year.

If a business closes the domain is an asset of the business and as such it can be sold. If a business folded I would offer consignment for the customer and put the domain up for auction. Of course that all depends on the domain(s) and how good they are but I have gotten good prices for client domains that were no longer in use. A domain registered for multiple years with the kind of SEO we usually use for our clients sell well in my experience.

...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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I read (a number of years ago, so I don't have a reference to link to) that anti-spam filters will look at domain expiration date of the sender as a factor. If your domain name expires in less than a year, it will increase its spam score. Not that they will automatically mark messages from these domains as spam, but it will add an additional factor with other factors when trying to determine if your email goes through or ends up in junk mail folder.


For this reason, I buy 5 year registration, and renew when it gets under 2 years.

It used to be (slightly) beneficial for the SEO score.

But, nobody really knows what Google and other SEs like/value now.

As I buy domains mainly for investment, I register them for 1 year only.

The reason? Have to many renewals coming...Smiley Sad

I registered for long period of years or simply auto-renew.


Domain is your asset. You don't want to lose it.

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