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Recovering from an email hack, worried about spam reputation

Looks like somebody guessed my cPanel Email (not Office) account passwords and sent a bunch of spam in my name.  Is there anything I can do to avoid being blacklisted by spam filters?

This morning, I woke up to over 300 Delivery Failed messages.  Of course I didn't send any of them.  For a while they were coming in 1 per second.  I changed my account and email passwords and the flood ended.

This happened to me about 10 years ago on a different server, and ever afterward my domain had a bad name with any number of spam filters.  That eased up a bit when I came to GoDaddy, but I fear it will start again now that this has happened.  Can the GoDaddy Community help me clear my name?





On October 15th I received the same fail messages in my outlook e-mail and I was concerned with the same thing you're referring too.  I'm still not convinced I was not hacked.  Googling the topic, "I'm getting failed messages I did not send" and apparently this might be a reverse other words, they enter the fail message as the subject matter to try and get you to respond in some way.  I just deleted them all...I only had about a half-dozen. So far I have not received more.  There are a few links, (after Googling the topic), that offers some actions you could take to complain, but not eliminate these e-mails.  I'm here because of other e-mail issues I'm having, so keeping my fingers crossed it's not a hack!  pt

Community Manager

Hi @lslarry86 @pt109. This actually sounds like your domain email might be getting spoofed rather than being hacked.  There is a good discussion on the topic in this thread, with some suggestions of what you can do. Hope this helps. 


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