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Set mail destination for


I want to create email, like

I registered the domain (domail registered in

Buy in GoDaddy Professional Email  support and try to create email.

Before can finish setting up to my account, GoDaddy need to verify that I'm owner of

I'm choosing DNS provider (in choice: other)

I added TXT and CNAME records in my manage account of, but I can't add MX record.

I get an error:   Field must contain "DATA" records of type of MX address of existent record of type of A

The MX record is bellow:


Host: @  Priority:0   


This record can't resolving and domain service provider can't add this MX record


P.S. mysite must be change to real name


What can I do to that it is correct to add the MX record?


Please, help me deside this problem


With best regards


Community Manager

Hey @vibug. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


That sounds like a strange issue. If you're domain's DNS is hosted outside of our system, it's possible that the DNS changes that occurred when you created your address (the creation of the record for hasn't yet propagated to the point that your DNS provider is able to resolve it. That would be my guess, since the error you're receiving seems to be regarding the resolution of the record destination. I'd recommend double checking with your DNS provider to see if that could be the problem.


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