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SharePoint Library / OneDrive for Business Synced to Windows Server?

I'm looking to move my small business's documents to the cloud. We have Office 365 through GoDaddy, so I may as well try using our SharePoint/OneDrive space for this. The biggest downside is the lag between syncing files among various computers. Currently, we do most (but not all) of our work in the office on a LAN and access files on a local server running Windows Server 2012, so there is no lag. To be clear, my understanding is that the Documents section of our Team Site on SharePoint is probably the best place for this. It's okay for everyone in the company to access these files, so I didn't make a group.


Is it possible to sync the SharePoint / OneDrive for Business library to the Windows server as if it were a workstation, and then share that folder via SMB on the LAN?


I'm wondering if editing the synced files via SMB would cause them not to be synced correctly. I'm concerned about this because DropBox says that this solution would not work with their service due to the lack of "file update events". I wonder if SharePoint/OneDrive would have the same issue. Does anyone know or have any experience with this?


(Sorry for mingling SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, but there's so much crossover that I can't tell where one ends and the other begins. The same files show up in both places and use both apps.)


Thanks for any info or advice!