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domain email password reset

I have several domain names for which I have email addresses set up for.  My computer crashed and I am trying to set up my emails all over again on my new Mac.  I have found the configuration settings to set these up - and that is not the problem.  Problem is that it requires the password for the email addresses to set these up and I have forgotten them.  Where do I find the password reset for the email/domains?  The only thing I have found leads to resetting the password for my general account, which I do not want - I just need to set up my emails on my computer.  Thanks for your help.


HI @aster


Thank you for your post. This will depend on what service your email is hosted by. Currently the most common services for email are:


Workspace email

Office 365 email 

cPanel email


Below are the related guides for email password reset on each of those services :


Change Workspace Email Password


Change Office 365 Password


Change cPanel Email Password


Hope this helps!