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    Does GoDaddy have anything to help increase traffic to my bubble tea supplies website?

    Hey there!

    My name's Tom, I'm the founder of a bubble tea supplies business -https://www.RestaurantSupplyDrop.com.  We ship across the country everywhere from Nashville to Seattle to San Diego to Dallas and just about anywhere else you can think of in the US.


    I'm wondering if anybody has used the coupons they have for yelp and adwords and what success you've had.





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    GoDaddy Pro Artisan
    GoDaddy Pro Artisan

    Re: Does GoDaddy have anything to help increase traffic to my bubble tea supplies website?

    Hey there!


    The coupons for both Yelp and AdWords are awesome but, to be perfectly honest, they won't help much if you haven't paid special attention to your SEO. Luckily, GoDaddy offers some pretty good tools to make sure your SEO is good and you can get the maximum effectiveness off those coupon deals.


    Do it yourself options

    Search Engine Visibility: This tool will analyze your site, optimize it for search engines, offer keyword suggestions, and submit your sitemaps to the major search engines, just to point out a few features.

    Local Business Listings: Get listed locally on Yelp and other services that help your customers find you without the hassle of figuring out how to do it manually.

    Email Marketing: Keep up with previous and potential customers with easy to use awesome newsletters and offers that look like you paid a pro to design them.


    Pro options

    SEO Services: Have a pro handle it all. 80% of clients see first-page results for their targeted keywords within 6 months 

    GoDaddy Social: Social media is the name of the game to help drive traffic. This service will put you on the top of the game with help from the pros.

    Managed Local Listings: Don't have time to do the ground work locally to have you site be seen? Again, have a pro help out and focus on your business instead of marketing.


    So, in short, the coupon offers are awesome and can definitely help drive traffic to your business. They won't work very well if you haven't done the rest of the SEO work.


    Hope that helps!

    Best Regards,


    joeforrest.com | Writer, WordPress Dev, Linux Hosting Guru