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14 Day Challenge "From Hurt to Healing"

Hey Everyone 😁 

Im new to this amazing community but loving all the support! I am thinking of hosting a 14 day challenge for business owners, entrepreneurs & parents on how to cope, be encouraged, & also help to provide tips, strategies, resources & more importantly testimonies from others of how to overcome challenges in this time... WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? Is this something you would attend? So many have said yes!!! (but that's friends and family lol so you cant always trust them) 

Thanks in Advance 

Desirae  😘

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Sounds good to me @dking, each of us can help in our way. You will probably reach and inspire people others won't reach. I say go for it and keep us posted. 14 days is a real commitment for you, have you hosted these kinds of things before?

Can I suggest the many wonderful webinars GoDaddy has hosted as a resource? They have really good and topical information. You can see the past and upcoming webinars at I hope that helps?

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Hi @dking ,


I think your idea is excellent.  In my humble opinion, right now the word "challenge" is a tough word.  All of us are facing a ton of challenges as we move through these times.  Perhaps set a tone of inspiration, revival, rebirth...  When I read your post I love the positive portrayal.  Bringing that aspect to the forefront would really want to make me participate.  If someone gives me another challenge right now, I'm not up for it.  Give me a resource for inspiration and strength.


Hope this helps and keep up the great attitude!


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