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Code Signing Certificate Stop Working after Renewal

My 3 year Godaddy Code Signing Certificate (CSC) stopped working after I renewed it with a fresh 3yr certificate earlier this year.  The previous 3yr certificate worked fine, as did the all the other CSC purchased before that one.  However, I have never managed to get the new CSC to work, even after trying for months now, been on to Godaddy support several times, and whilst they seem knowledgeable about SSL and staff seem somewhat leaking in advice for CSC.


The problem the CSC is, far from providing an installation that eliminates security warnings during download and installation, I now get a blue windows defender smartscreen warning which recommends that users do NOT to install my software.

Ashampoo_Snap_Wednesday, 27 November 2019_00h23m51s_017_.png


From what I have read on the internet, software distributors need to develop a good reputation as a software provider via numerous quantities of downloads before this windows defender smartscreen starts to stop displaying this warning.


The thing here is, I been providing software via downloads for over 10 years, and all previous CSC worked fine and windows defender was happy enough that my reputation was sound.  So what has gone wrong with this new CSC?


After months of talking to Godaddy support and trying everything I can think off, I may have worked out where the problem is, and yes I believe Godaddy introduced it when they re-issued my new CSC.


This is a screendump of a DOS cmd verification print of the old 3yr CSC where NO windows defender warning is issued during installation.

Ashampoo_Snap_Wednesday, 27 November 2019_00h10m51s_015_.png


This is a screendump dos cmd verification print of the NEW 3yr CSC where  a windows defender warning is issued during installation.

Ashampoo_Snap_Wednesday, 27 November 2019_00h11m13s_016_.png


The difference between the two is that Godaddy have added a period after my company name in the new CSC.  I believe that windows defender now see my company name as a new company and therefore all the years of building a good reputation, allowing me to avoid the windows defender warnings have been lost?


I'm looking for confirmation that adding a period to my company name in my CSC effectively change it, an now, in the eyes of windows defender I am considered an unknown company, and if so, is there is anything I or Godaddy can do to put this right?


As you can imagine, this issue has not been good for business.....