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How to install a wildcard certificate that was previously created on a new server?

Hello there,


It appears that there is a wildcard cert  (*.mydomain.ny) already created within my organization. I am trying to add this cert on a new server that has been requested and have read forums stating CSR needs to first be created on the required (new) server and then add that to the SSL cert setup page. I have also come across one of the articles here within GoDaddy that said "You create the CSR on the first server to get the SSL issued. For future servers you install the same certificate you downloaded for the first server, and use the same private key your first server generated to get the CSR." With that being said, I don't I need to create a new CSR, neither on the server nor under GoDaddy SSL Certificates section, correct? I am fairly new to a firm I joined and not sure if the private is stored/documented somewhere within and I hope it is but what if the private key isn't found? Am I better off with creating the same wildcard FQDN (*.mydomain.ny) to prevent the other servers or services from being disrupted? Please advise.