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    Community Manager

    Community Update: Sharing Resources & Helpful Links

    There are many ways to help other members solve problems. Sharing your personal experiences, asking clarifying questions, and sharing useful links are all useful contributions that can point others in the right direction.


    Case in point: @SuLLy posted a thread asking about best practices for selling a domain@KING_NET responded with a helpful link to relevant resources.


    Remember: These sort of posts are great opportunities for gaining recognition from other community members, plus GoDaddy customers that find your post through a search on Help.


    More shout outs this week:


    Are GoDaddy employees watching the forums? The answer is yes! And it's not just the moderation team, either. GoDaddy employees @Jake and @ChrisB both joined a technical discussion about emails with GoDaddy Pro hosting started by member @daddy. (There's no harm in asking a question, you never know who'll respond!)


    We'd also like to give a big shout out to @mrsroadrunner and @KaylChels for this wonderful intro discussion. While many members join these forums to get help, there's also value in making new connections and getting to know other members of the GoDaddy community.


    Last but not least, a shout out to our three most thanked members for last week:


    1. @mrsroadrunner (welcome to the forums!)
    2. @Alex-NewPath
    3. @KaylChels


    That's it for this week!

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    Getting Started

    Is there anyone else out there wanting to make a connection? 


    Yes! Solutions For Veterans, LLC dba is seeking advice and an experienced website designer to get our message out about not only creating jobs for veterans with the method describe on; but to improve the public's awareness and participation in creating the jobs. Are you the person we are looking for?