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Change Main Domain Name?

I have a shared hosting (Deluxe Linux Hosting with cPanel) with GoDaddy. I have a number of sub domains that have their own websites linked to this same package.


When I signed up for GoDaddy, I didn't think the domain through etc, and I'd like to now know if I can change that domain to a different domain? The new domain is one that I know I'll never want to cancel because it's my name 🙂


a. Is the above possible?

b. If yes, how do I go about doing this?

c. Are there any problems that I may run into and are they fixable?

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Hi @SamiJ,


I have already answered this post, please do not double post the same query twice!

@Retired- Please take note that this post is regarding my CPANEL hosting (I am wanting to change the main domain name on my Linux Hosting Package to a NEW domain name which I've transferred in to GoDaddy), the other post you're referring to is regarding OFFICE 365 - these are 2 totally unrelated topics! Therefore, I am NOT posting the same question twice.


I still need an answer to this question please!

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I am sorry I misunderstood. 

Your post reads like you wanted to change to, can't be done. But what I think you now mean is to assign your new domain to your old hosting, and yes, this can be done. 


Just to clarify, is this what you meant? 

Correct. See the attachment.

I need to change the hosting from to


I hope that clarifies.



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Hi @SamiJ,


Hope this clears it up for you:


You do realise that we Pro members are not Godaddy employees don't you? A little respect would go a long way............ less sarcasm! I'm sure you wouldn't as a professional appreciate a surly client or one who questions your 'professionalism' because you can't photoshop the rain out of a photograph (photoshop the rain out)......

If you can, please make sure that your posts are clear in meaning.


Thank you, best regards.

I have been paying for this domain for sometime and I
Am not in this business any
More. Please cancel
Cust#52467275 p.s..Deerwillow9 ph# 8053000833

@Retiredsee screenshot attached.

THIS is what I am trying to change on this question thread. I hope this clarifies the situation for you.


- HOW do I get the "main domain" name changed?!!?