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Error in adding email on cpanel

Set up a new domain with cPanel hosting some time ago with GoDaddy and had been using email repeaters (base hosting). Now I need to add actual email addresses. When I follow the getting started wizard or help instructions I get the following error

"File open for (URL) failed with error Is a directory"

Yes, I then went in and manually created the listed URL folder, but still nothing. While this error is showing, the system is creating file folders in the email folder for each. Additionally, I've tried launching webmail from cpanel for the default and it says it's empty - guessing that's to do with the default address setting. I've just changed it to pipe to a different domain email.

I'm guessing I've inadvertently erased a needed file or folder, but can't locate any idea of how to fix. I'd like to think if I could access tutorials it might help, but whenever I try, I get a basically blank screen.

No, I've not attempted on phone support yet. Anyone have ideas?

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Attempt phone support?........ maybe? 

Realize I may have to do this, but have such odd hours, hoping someone might have an "easy fix".

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I'm feeling generous tonight so.....

If you have inadvertently deleted a needed directory or file, one way to fix it is to reset your cpanel. You of course need to back your site files up before doing this (that's obvious but imagine if someone didn't after I just said.. reset? Gulp!).

This will restore default files and directories. Though if it's not a default file then (and knowing your available time) then support really might be your best shot.

Thanks for the thumbs up Smiley Happy


Just go straight to google for tutorials and include the word 'godaddy' in the search phrase. You will find what you need if worded right.


Remember if you reset your cpanel, ftp passwords etc will need reset too.