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GoDaddy Webmail Sign-in Not Working

  I am suddenly unable to login to my webmail.  I can access my email by going through cpanel, but my phone is unable to fetch emails.


  When I use the godaddy webmail portal ( and enter my credentials, I am told that the password is incorrect.  I reset my password by accessing my settings through cpanel and it is still telling me incorrect password.  When I request a password reset through the webmail portal I do not receive an email to reset.


  1.  Webmail access is broken.
  2. Resetting email password through cpanel has no effect.
  3. I cannot fetch emails.


Community Manager

Hi @jayrossta1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


To clarify, if you're using cPanel email, you wouldn't be able to log into webmail through that URL. Instead, you'll want to go to That should redirect you to the correct login page. Please give that a try. 


Once you can confirm you can log in to webmail using the credentials you've set up for your email address, you may want to try updating your mobile client settings. You can double check the correct settings to use by clicking the Mail Configuration button on the cPanel Email page (see below).





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