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The Domain Is No Longer Parked By Godaddy Error

At first, I got the error 'The Domain Is No Longer Parked By Godaddy'. 

Then I updated DNS again.

After it, I have a new error - 500.


Domain -

Could you help, please?

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Hi @fatandhoda,


I get the usual first page before you launch a site, in which case just  follow the instructions:


Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 12.36.26.png


Thanks for your reply!

Probably it was a cache because I checked in various browsers and everywhere I faced to 500 error.

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Of Smiley Happy


And what should I do to fix this issue)?

Could you help?

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Hi @fatandhoda (we can't go on meeting like this, folk will talk!)


Well............. If you are wishing to begin and launch your site, I would click on the link.


The reason things have progressed from "This site is courtesy parked by GoDaddy."


"If you are the site owner please login to launch your site"

Is because you have assigned hosting to your domain. You do NOT have to do anything immediately, it just lets folk know it's coming soon in case you are excitedly telling all your friends about your new site about to be launched.

So go ahead and login and begin................ when ready Smiley Happy