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cPanel GoDaddy add new user

In cPanel I attempted to add a new user by selecting "User Manager".  The User Manager window opened and I selected "Add User". After entering all the information I selected Save.  The email to set the password never arrived.  I went back in to User Manager and added a password: however, when I tried to use the password I received invalid account.  In the user manager it showed the email to set the password had not been replied to.  I never received the email.  I then deleted the account and setup a new account this time adding a password from the beginning.  I never received a confirmation email and when I attempted to login using the newly created login/password I received an error stating the login/password did not exist. How do I add a new user? 

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However, you can grant others access to your account by letting them log in to cPanel directly, bypassing your customer account entirely. The direct cPanel login URL is:

Where is your domain name.

From here, they can log in using your cPanel account's username and password.



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Are you trying to provide another person access to upload data to your website - a new FTP user? If you only need to provide file and management access through an FTP client, you can use these instructions. This will give you the ability to limit what the users have access to, or how much data thy can upload. 



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