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Poynt Smart Terminal Help

Assign roles and permissions for the Poynt Smart Terminal

In GoDaddy Payments, you can assign Poynt Smart Terminal users roles based on your business needs. Each role includes specific capabilities and limitations.

Note: Only an owner can assign roles.

  1. Sign into your Smart Terminal with your Owner account.
  2. Tap Settings on the second page of the Smart Terminal home screen.
  3. Tap Business Settings.
  4. Under Business Users, select a user.
  5. Select the new role for the user:
    • Employee - Employees can perform sales transactions.
    • Manager - Managers have all the permissions that employees have. They can also void transactions and issue refunds for specific transactions.
    • Owner - Owners have all the permissions that employees and managers have. They can also issue non-reference refunds. Owners can also make changes to the Smart Terminal that managers and employees can’t, such as changing passcodes or adding and deleting users.

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