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Understand the Invoicing and Pay Links Plus plan

Stand out with branded, professional invoices and pay links. GoDaddy Payments merchants automatically receive access to invoicing and online pay links, with basic customization options included for free. You can also upgrade to the Invoicing and Pay Links Plus plan to lower transaction fees from our standard fees and access advanced customization features - send invoices from your business email, customize your invoices and emails with your brand, and connect and host your invoice checkout page on your GoDaddy domain.

Get started with digital pay links and invoices for your business. Included with GoDaddy Payments.
Invoicing and Pay Links Plus
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Send invoices
Send via email or a payment link.
Schedule recurring invoices
Set up daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or custom intervals.
Card on file
Save and charge customer cards on file for faster payments.
Automatic payment reminders
Preset reminders for 3 days and 7 days after due date.
Online Pay Links
Create pay links
Create and share pay links to collect payment.
Add pay link details
Add a title, images, prices, and notes for the products and services you sell.
Get paid with your business domain
Host your pay links on your business domain from GoDaddy.
Request billing and shipping addresses
Choose to request customer addresses or make it a required field for accurate shipments and your records.
GoDaddy branding on invoices and receipts
Remove the GoDaddy logo from your invoice & receipt emails.
Includes GoDaddy logoRemoves GoDaddy logo
Send invoices and receipts from your business email
Build credibility by using your business email address for customer communications.
Invoice payment link on your business domain
Host your invoice checkout link on your business domain from GoDaddy.
Business management
Commerce Home
Manage everything for GoDaddy Payments in one unified dashboard.
User roles and permissions
Set permissions & access levels for varying employee roles.

Additional details:

The following benefits and expanded features are included with the Invoicing and Pay Links Plus plan:

  • Lower processing fees: All GoDaddy Payments merchants with an Invoicing and Pay Links Plus plan automatically have lower payment processing fees applied to invoices and pay links, compared to standard GoDaddy Payments fees. If you process a lot of payments that way, the savings can add up quickly!
  • User roles and permissions: Create and assign web roles and permissions to your employees, to control access to back office business tasks. Invite users to access your Commerce Home dashboard as an employee, manager or admin, allowing each role to access only permitted features on the dashboard (like reporting or the product catalog). You can also create additional custom roles for vendors and other contacts.
  • Enhanced branding: In addition to the standard store receipt customization available with a free GoDaddy Payments account, you can create customized invoice templates, remove all GoDaddy branding from digital receipts, and send invoices and digital receipts from a custom email address.
  • Universal domain for pay links and invoices: A professional-looking payment form builds customer trust—which is important when you’re processing transactions. When you connect your GoDaddy domain to your online pay links and invoices, your customers will receive a secure payment link that’s hosted on your business domain.
  • Shipping addresses for online pay links: Expand how you use online pay links by adding a shipping address option to the webform that customers fill out. Adding a shipping address gives you additional options for where and how you transact with pay links.

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