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Using Online Pay Links

Create, share, and manage Online Pay Links through your Payments Hub. With Online Pay Links, you can generate links to share via either social media or email and have your customers pay easily online.

Generate and share a customized Online Pay Link to accept payment for anything you like. The link creates a webform that customers can use to make payments easily.

  1. Sign in to your Payments Hub (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Online Pay Links.
  3. On the Links tab, select Create Link.
  4. Fill in the Title and Description fields.
  5. Enter the Price you want to charge.
    • To enter a fixed amount, type any price of $1 or more.
    • To let your customer to set their own price, turn on the Allow customer to set a price toggle.
    • To have your customer to choose from a list of options, select Add Option, and then add up to four additional prices. If you’d like, you can enter a Title for each price.
  6. If you’d like to add an image (like your company logo), select Upload Image to upload a JPG or PNG image file.
  7. If you’d like to customize the URL for your Online Pay Link, enter alphanumeric characters under Customize Link. The words you enter will appear at the end of the URL.
  8. Select Create Link to finish.
  9. Use any of the following methods to share your Online Pay Link:
    • Select Copy Link to create a link that you can share with others.
    • Select Download to download a QR code image that you can save, share or print. Customers can scan this QR code and pay you directly.
    • To post the link on social media, select the social media outlet where you’d like to share.

Note: Each time a customer makes a payment with an Online Pay Link, you’ll receive an email that includes the amount of the transaction, the customer’s name and any notes the customer added.

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