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What reports do I have access to?

GoDaddy Payments offers a variety of different reports to help you manage and organize your business. Create and download reports through your GoDaddy Payments Dashboard or on your GoDaddy smart terminal, then export them as a PDF or Excel file to tailor the data as needed.

GoDaddy Payments reports include all transactions processed through GoDaddy Payments. Transactions processed with other payment processors (like Stripe or PayPal) aren't reflected here. For a full record of all processed transactions, check out the general sales report for your business.

For detailed steps and example reports, use the links below.

Main reportsReport summaryTasks
Payouts (or deposits)
  • Summary of all deposits by day sent to your linked bank account
  • Breakdown of all activity contributing to the payout amount, including purchases, refunds, declines, chargebacks, voids, held funds and other adjustments
  • Breakdown of processing fees by fee types
  • Reconcile deposits with the activities in your bank account.
  • Review a summary of transaction fees by category (for example, physical card vs manual card entry).
  • Net total transaction amount, including a summary of all refunds, pending charges and tips
  • Breakdown of all transactions by payment type (Card purchase, card decline, card refund, etc.), including the transaction ID, transaction amount, tips, employee and any other relevant details about the transaction
  • Download a list of transactions processed during the month (or a custom period).
  • Compare transaction amounts with your 1099-K form.
  • Review a summary of transactions by payment method (for example, card or cash) and transaction status (for example, purchases and refunds).

In addition to the main reports, smart terminal users also have access to the following report types.

ReportReport summary
  • Summary of the number of times each discount type was used, and the amount of each discount applied
  • Summary of all products sold, including price adjustments (like discounts or modifiers)
  • Breakdown of each item sold by order
  • Summary of all orders, including the total amount collected, number of orders processed and number of items sold
  • Breakdown of each order, including individual items in the order, price adjustments (like discounts or tips) and the employee that processed the order
  • Summary of the number of times each tax type was used, and the amount of tax applied
  • Breakdown of each tax applied by order
  • Summary of the net total tips and order amounts
  • Breakdown of tips collected by store location, channel, employee and POS device

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