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Using pay links in the mobile app

Create a pay link as the payment method for a transaction in the GoDaddy mobile app, and then share it with your customers via email, text or social media. The link creates a webform that your customers can use to make payments.

Note: Pay links created in the mobile app are separate from Online Pay Links that you’ve created in your GoDaddy Payments dashboard. Formatting and settings you’ve applied to Online Pay Links in your dashboard don’t carry over to pay links created in the mobile app.
  1. Open the GoDaddy mobile app on your phone and create an order.
  2. Select Charge, and then select Pay Link as the payment method.
  3. Fill in the Title and Description fields.
  4. Select Create Pay Link.
  5. Review the pay link information and then select Create Pay Link again to create a URL that your customer can use to send payment.
  6. Use either of the following methods to share the pay link. Paid pay links will appear in your transaction history.
    • Select Copy to copy the pay link URL. Paste the URL wherever you’d like to share it with customers.
    • Select Share to share the pay link URL directly via the apps on your device (text message, email, social media, etc).

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