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Process a transaction with the GoDaddy mobile app

Your GoDaddy mobile app allows you to process transactions through credit or debit card (tap, insert, or swipe), manual card entry, QR code or cash. All you need is GoDaddy Payments and the GoDaddy mobile app, and you're ready to start accepting payments from your customers.

Viewing transactions through the mobile app also gives you access to all your GoDaddy Payments transactions from your online store, pay links, Poynt Smart Terminal, or Poynt Card Reader.

Process magnetic stripe, chip card, and contactless payment transactions.

Note: A Poynt Card Reader is required to process physical credit/debit card transactions in the mobile app. If you don’t have this, you can still manually enter your customers’ credit card info.

  1. Add items to your order.
  2. Tap Checkout.
  3. Review the items in the order and tap Charge.
  4. Tap Card Reader.
  5. Wait for your customer to insert, tap or swipe their card on the Poynt Card Reader, then tap Continue.
  6. Face your device towards your customer, who will be asked for a signature and how they’d like to receive a receipt (None, Email or Text).
  7. Tap Done.

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