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Create and apply product fees

Create and manage custom product or order fees from your GoDaddy smart terminal or through your web browser. Once you’ve created a custom fee, you’ll need to manually apply the fee to any applicable orders that you create in the Register app. (Fees aren’t applied automatically.)

Note: Fees that you create in GoDaddy Payments don’t carry over to orders placed through the GoDaddy mobile app or through a Managed WordPress Ecommerce online store.

Create fees in your Dashboard to apply to your products at checkout.

  1. Sign in to your In Person Overview page (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Catalog in the left-nav, and then select Fees from the top-nav. Commerce Home fees navigation
    Note: If you don’t see these options, follow these steps to set up your fees in the original GoDaddy Payments dashboard.
  3. Select Create a fee.
  4. Fill in the Name and the fee Percent (%) or Amount ($).
  5. Under Available for, select which products the fee can be applied to. Choose between All Products, Specific Categories (you’ll be prompted to select the categories) or None.
  6. Check the box next to Pre-tax to apply the fee before tax is applied to the order.
  7. Check the box next to Disable if you don’t want to apply the fee at checkout.
  8. Select Create. You can edit the details for the fee later by double-clicking the entry in your fees list.

Create fees on your smart terminal to apply to products in your catalog at checkout.

  1. On your smart terminal home screen, tap Catalog.
  2. Tap Fees, then tap Add Fee.
    Catalog app navigation options
    Note: If your app header looks different than the image above, follow these steps to set up fees in the original Catalog app.
  3. Enter the Name and percent (%) or amount ($).
  4. Switch on the Pre-Tax toggle to apply the fee before tax is applied to the order.
  5. Under Context, select which products can have this fee applied. Choose between Apply to All, Category Level or Product Level. Select the specific categories or products if you set the fee to that level.
  6. Tap Add Fee. It will automatically apply to the products you’ve selected.
  7. To make changes to a fee, tap Fees in the Catalog app, locate the fee in the list and tap Edit details pencil icon Edit. You can change or delete it, or assign it to additional products as needed.

Manually apply a fee to a specific product or order when you create the order.

  1. On the smart terminal home screen, tap Register.
  2. Create an order and add at least one item.
  3. Manually apply a fee to the full order or to a specific product in the order:
    • Full order: Tap More arrow icon More in the lower-right corner, then tap Fees. Apply either a Preset or Custom fee, then tap Confirm.
    • Specific product: Tap Edit next to a recently added item or tap Order Details, then tap Edit details pencil icon Edit next to the item. Tap +Add next to Fees, then apply either a Preset or Custom fee. Tap Confirm twice.
  4. Complete the transaction with the customer's desired form of payment.

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