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Create and apply discounts

Create and manage custom product or order discounts from the Poynt Smart Terminal or through the Payments Hub in your web browser. Discounts that are already associated with an item or catalog will be automatically applied during the order process.

You can also manually apply a discount to a specific product or order when you create the order in the Register app.

Note: You will need to create a catalog and assign it to your Poynt Smart Terminal if you haven't already.

Create discounts through the Payments Hub in your web browser to apply to a specific catalog, category or item. Applicable discounts are automatically applied during the order process.

  1. Sign in to your Selling In Person Overview page (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select the Catalogs tab.
  3. Select Discounts.
  4. Select Add discount.
  5. In the Code field, enter a name to help differentiate this discount from others you create.
  6. Set the Type to either Percentage % or Fixed amount.
  7. Enter a discount Percentage (%) or Amount ($).
  8. Switch on the Apply before tax toggle to apply the discount before tax is applied to the order.
  9. In the Context field, select whether to apply the discount at the Order level or Item level.
  10. In the Catalog field, select the catalog to which the discount applies.
  11. Select Save.

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