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Get the most out of Email Archiving

Now that Email Archiving is added to your Microsoft 365 account, learn how to navigate the dashboard and use its features.

Note: If you make one of your users an admin, it could take up to 20 minutes before they can access Email Archiving.
  • Navigate the dashboard: Familiarize yourself with the tools and layout of the dashboard.
  • Search for archived emails: Find your archived emails with a basic or more advanced search. You can even create a List that will allow you to reuse specific search criteria repeatedly.
  • Download your emails: Send, download or export so you can share or save your archived emails.
  • Import email history: Add any email that was sent and received before adding your Email Archiving.
  • Edit searches: Change, delete and copy saved searches.

Here are a few articles from Email Archiving on other available features.

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