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Order printer paper rolls and other accessories

Your POS device includes everything you need to get started. Need to replace something? Order accessories (like additional printer paper rolls) from your Dashboard and have them promptly shipped to you.

Some Smart Terminal accessories are only compatible with a specific Smart Terminal version (like V3.0). Before placing your order, make sure you're ordering the correct accessory for your Smart Terminal. You can find the version number on a sticker on the back of your device.

Note: Looking for more paper rolls for your Smart Terminal? You can order them directly using the links below or purchase them from any store that sells office supplies.
  • Recommended brands: MUNBYN, Thermal King, SJPACK, Gorilla Supply, FungLam
  • Paper dimensions: 2.25” x 28’ (V2.0), 2.25” x 50’ (V3.0)
  • Direct purchase: 5 rolls or 20 rolls (V2.0), 10 rolls or 50 rolls (V3.0)
  1. Sign in to your Shop Point of Sale page (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Accessories.
  3. Select the accessory or peripheral you’d like to purchase from the full list of compatible accessories.
  4. You’ll be directed to to place your order.
  5. Set up an account and complete your order with Shop POS Hardware.

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