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Register my business to send text messages

Starting August 31, 2023 for local numbers and November 8, 2023 for toll-free numbers, you need to register your business and have your number verified to keep sending text messages via GoDaddy Conversations. This is due to an industry-wide effort to reduce spam text messages.

When you register your business, it goes through a vetting process with a third-party entity. Once your number is approved, the mobile carriers will know you’re a trusted organization and ensure your messages can be delivered.

Here’s how to register and get your business number verified.

  1. When you try to reply in an SMS thread or compose a new message in the GoDaddy Conversations app, you’ll be prompted to register.
    Select Chat
  2. Follow the instructions to start the registration process. You’ll click a web link and then fill out a registration form.
  3. We’ll ask you for some information, which the third-party entity will use to verify that your brand is legitimate. In general, you’ll be asked for:
    • Basic personal information – name, phone number and email
    • Business information – business name, phone number, address and business tax info, such as EIN (local numbers only)
    • Message/campaign details – what types of messages you’re sending, sample messages and how you obtain consent to send customers text messages
  4. For local numbers: You’ll pay a one-time registration and vetting fee of US$19. You won’t be able to send text messages while your application is pending verification.

    For toll-free numbers: It's free to register your business. While your application is pending verification, you’ll be able to send texts but may be subject to message filtering at the discretion of the mobile carriers.

Verification takes about 15 business days. Once we have the results, we’ll let you know if the third party approved or rejected your business registration.

Note: LOCAL NUMBERS ONLY - if your registration was rejected, there’s an additional $15 fee to resubmit your application, so it's important that you fill out the application accurately and truthfully.

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