Managed WooCommerce Stores Help

Supported Marketplaces & Social Channels for Managed WooCommerce Stores

This integration supports the following marketplaces and social channels:

  • Amazon: Largest U.S. marketplace with 95 million prime users. Amazon fees: Selling account ($0.99/item individual or $39.99/mo professional) + 8%-15% fee per sale.
  • Etsy: Fast-growing handmade & craft marketplace, 33 million buyers in U.S. Etsy fees: Free selling account + $0.20 per listing + 5% transaction fee + payment processing.
  • eBay: Largest global marketplace, with 160 million buyers globally. eBay fees: Free selling account + insertion fee + final value fee + payment processing.
  • Walmart: A large U.S. retailer with a rapidly growing online marketplace. Fees at Walmart: Free selling account + 8%-15% referral fee. Must apply and qualify to sell (larger sellers only).
  • Google Shopping: You can sell your products directly on Google Shopping, wherever your customers are. Shopping is different from shopping ads. Google Shopping fees include a free selling account, a 0% commission fee, and payment processing fee (determined by your payment solution).
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram): You can make your Meta catalog shoppable by connecting your online store. Regardless of whether you want to sell only on Instagram, your Facebook catalog must be connected. Fees for Facebook and Instagram: Free selling account plus 5% selling fee (or $0.40 flat fee for orders under $8).

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