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Use GoDaddy Conversations with my Instagram professional account

Connecting GoDaddy Conversations to your Instagram professional account means your customers can get in touch with you directly from Instagram.

What do I need to connect Instagram to GoDaddy Conversations?

You’ll need an Instagram business or creator account, linked to your Facebook page so that you can use the Facebook login to access your account. To link your accounts, see the Instagram Help Center article on adding or changing the Facebook page connected to your Instagram professional account.

Can I use my personal Instagram account with GoDaddy Conversations?

No, you need to have an Instagram business or creator account. For information on changing your account type or setting up a professional account, see the Instagram Help Center articles on setting up a business account on Instagram and setting up a creator account.

What messages can I see in GoDaddy Conversations?

Once you’ve linked Instagram to GoDaddy Conversations, you’ll see your Instagram direct messages, story mentions and comments on your posts in the GoDaddy Conversations web and mobile apps. We do not yet support shared posts, profiles or other Instagram-specific content types.

When you receive a new message, we request a copy of the entire conversation history. This means you have all your messages in one place and can pick up where you left off.

How do I block someone who is sending unwanted messages to my account?

You can use the Instagram app to block anyone from sending you unwanted messages. See the Instagram Help Center article on blocking people, specifically the section on how to report a message that was sent to you or stop someone from sending you messages on Instagram.

I connected Instagram but messages aren't coming through. What do I do?

Sometimes this can happen if you have not enabled Instagram to access messages. In the Instagram app, go to Settings > Privacy > Messages. Under Connected Tools make sure Allow access to messages is switched on.

I get an error when I try to connect Instagram. What do I do?

If there was a network error, try again later when your connection has been reestablished. For other errors, there might be an issue with your type of account, or you might not have admin privileges to the linked Facebook page.

Ensure you’ve followed all the steps on adding or changing the Facebook Page connected to your professional account.

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