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What are the advantages of a Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for your business?

Unlike other SSL certificates, Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates provide a prominent visual indicator that visitors can immediately recognize. Sites secured with an EV certificate display a green address bar, showing visitors that your organization's credentials have been authenticated according to a stringent, standardized vetting process.

Additionally, EV SSL certificates assure visitors that your organization is who it claims to be, and that they are not on a phishing site.

Premium EV SSL certificates are available for the following types of organizations, businesses, and corporations:

  • Incorporated or limited liability companies that are legally registered with a "Good Standing," "Active," or equivalent status.
  • Business entities such as general partnerships, unincorporated associations, DBAs, and sole proprietorships.

Note: For the countries currently supported for certificate issuance, see Which countries are currently supported for certificate issuance?

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