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Flex Grids Over Grits

Get insights on designing tasty sites that’ll leave clients hungry for more in the latest episode of 301: Permanent Redirect. Two seasoned web pros show you how to create sites with flexbox and CSS grids while cooking grits-inspired breakfast dishes.

Episode 2

Cookieless Future

Third-party cookies are going away, so how can you still capture the data they provide? Find out in the latest episode of 301: Permanent Redirect. Full-stack engineer Maya Bello offers detailed tips to prepare you for the big shift, while sampling the Bay Area’s tastiest cookies.

Episode 1

Bookends: Designer vs Developer

In this episode we pit a designer focused on aesthetics against a dev who values functionality above all and challenge them to create websites for a local bookstore. We follow their different processes and compare notes on the finished sites, while sprinkling in a discussion of web design trends and tools.

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Each short, punchy episode of 301 showcases dynamic web professionals solving creative asks that span the range of web design and development.

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301 Redirect: Flex grids over grits

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301 Redirect: A cookieless future

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301 Redirect: Designer vs. developer

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