You don’t have to be an Olympic sprinter to burn up the track online

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Cate Barker

GoDaddy Canada has a long history with Canadian athletes. First, it was Jonas Valanciunas (Itty Bitty Ballers), who started a fictitious company that sold Toronto Raptors miniatures created by Valanciunas and former teammates Patrick Patterson and Lucas “Bebe” Nogueira.

Next, there was CJ Miles, with his Raptors-themed line of pyjamas, followed by Raptors alumnus Muggsy Bogues and his children’s story “A Raptor Tale.”

Introducing the new GoDaddy spokesperson: Andre De Grasse.

In three new TV ads, the two-time World Silver Medalist from Scarborough joins GoDaddy in raising a toast to everyday entrepreneurs across the country.

GoDaddy puts entrepreneurs front and center

2020 has been an uphill slog for Canadian businesses, with small ventures impacted disproportionally by the fallout from COVID-19.

So this year, GoDaddy celebrates the everyday grit and dedication of Canadian entrepreneurs who show up for work day after day, even if they’re running their ventures out of spare bedrooms.

Doing business in the COVID-19 era

If small business owners ever had any doubt about the value of a digital presence, the pandemic has put those doubts to rest.

Although a virtual handshake can never replace a real one, the web has been a lifeline over the past year.

Canadian businesses that already had robust websites and active social profiles when COVID hit quickly adapted their product or service delivery models to suit the touch-free times.

Many brick-and-mortar ventures got online in order to engage with the customers they hope will return to their shops once the health risks have been neutralized.

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New ads celebrate two hometown heroes

GoDaddy’s latest ads focus on two real live GoDaddy customers — a personal trainer and a comic book artist — with Andre cheering them on.

Karlie Ramlogan, IS Training

GoDaddy Film Crew Curling Karlie Ramlogan’s Hair

Certified Personal Trainer Karlie Ramlogan operates a mobile personal training service whose mission is to help clients increase their physical ability and mental resilience. She offers (now PPE-equipped) sessions in:

  • Weight loss
  • Marathon prep
  • Strength training
  • Performance sessions for athletes in specific sports

Karlie’s gift is training the whole person — body, mind, spirit.

“My website is great for extending the reach of my business,” says Karlie.

“As a devoted GoDaddy customer for years, I was thrilled with the opportunity to be featured in their commercial. It is a great way to show small business owners like me how easy it is to get online.”

Anthony Stanberry, Freeze DNA

Anthony Stanberry, owner of Freeze DNA, has spent the last 10 years touring Canada’s schools and libraries teaching children how to draw comic book art. The goal is to draw kids and teens into reading through art.

“I want to show others how you can turn your doodles into art,” says Anthony.

Since the arrival of COVID-19, Anthony’s classes are all online. “It has been great to offer virtual comic book drawing classes to people in Canada and around the world,” he says. “My online store with GoDaddy allows people to purchase products from my website and get started on their comic books.”

GoDaddy Film Crew Looking at Andre on Screen

GoDaddy turns the spotlight on SMBs

“This year, it was really important for us to showcase real-life business owners who have seen success with their websites,” says Anne de Aragon, Vice President and Country Manager of GoDaddy Canada. “We wanted to make them the stars of the spot.”

“With more businesses moving online, we want to highlight just how easy it is for small businesses to create an online presence with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing. This product gives customers the tools they need to create a website that can help drive growth.

“We’re excited to partner with Andre De Grasse to support the campaign and have him shine the spotlight on Canadian small businesses.”

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