The best of the GoDaddy blog 2020

5 min read
Will Stevens

It may not have been the year we were all expecting, but in 2020 GoDaddy still tried to bring you helpful tips and advice to put your business on the right path.

In case you missed anything we covered on the blog over the past 12 months, here’s a round up of some of our favourite posts from 2020.


We kicked off the year with advice on mindfulness for entrepreneurs – it’s a great way to take stock even as you target new goals.

Then we explored how to advertise a small local business, which should come in handy if you’re targeting customers in a specific area.

If social plays a big part in your marketing plans, then be sure to check out our post on the best social media management tools for business.

And if you’re looking for something to inspire a new venture, try how to start a business from home.


In the second month of the year, we looked at Skype alternatives for business users. It’s the perfect read if you’re still relying on free trials for your business video calls.

Then we examined an issue that can frustrate website owners and visitors; 404 page not found and how to fix it.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of traffic you get from search engines, a good place to start is our article on website keywords. It explains how to identify suitable keywords for your website and why they matter so much.


We started March with seven easy tips on how to be more productive. Give it a read if you’re struggling with your concentration.

Then we looked at how to make it easy for customers to contact you, and how to keep customers informed about changes to your business. Crucial issues during times of uncertainty.


In April, we looked at how to find influencers to help promote your business. It’s a relatively new marketing techniques that could help you reach new audiences.

We also explored affiliate marketing, how it works and how to use it to make money. Give it a read if you’re looking for a new income stream.

And we talked about key features your website homepage should have.


We started May by explaining how you can set up an online shop in the UK. Check it out if you want to start selling online.

There was also a list of 30 work from home business ideas, the perfect inspiration if you want to try something new.

We also looked at the best online payment solutions for WordPress.


June saw us looking at the advantages of ecommerce vs traditional shops and on a similar theme, we also looked at why a business website matters.

And if you’re on the look out for more customers, try our article on Facebook lead generation tips.


In the middle of summer, we looked at how to create a social media marketing strategy. A great read if you want to make a bigger impact on social.

We also explored the subject of choosing the right online selling platforms for your business, something for those of you who are overwhelmed by the number of platforms out there.

Then we looked at how to start a business from scratch, the perfect read for people just beginning their online journey.


In August, we looked at how to make an online portfolio – the ideal post if you have something you want to showcase online.

We also talked about how to build brand awareness. Give it a read if you want to get your business noticed by the people who matter.

Then we explored how to market your small business with customer giveaways. It’s a fairly simple technique that can bring big rewards.


We started September with blogging tips to get more readers. Blogging is a great way to grow your audience, so check it out.

And we rounded off the month by looking at how to build business relationships based on trust.


In October, we looked at content marketing tools to boost your business. Content marketing is a great way to get your business noticed and these tools make the job easier.

We also provided you with ten tips for creating shareworthy social media images. It’s the perfect resource if you’re struggling to make an impact on social.


For November, we went back to basics with this guide on how to buy a domain name, as well as advice on how to get a new website noticed.

We also looked at seven ways to get new social media followers for your business.


We ended the year by looking at the best small business apps you can use in 2021.

Then we explained how you can turn a blog into a business.

The year ended with a guide to free digital marketing courses, a great read if you’re looking to grow your skills in 2021.

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