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Made in America: Baltimore

Made in America celebrates the resilience and determination of small business owners across the country who are making a difference in their communities. In Season 4, we meet Baltimoreans who are pushing through adversity — from chronic pain to a pandemic-fueled supply chain crisis, these entrepreneurs prove, as Mayor Brandon Scott says, that "there is nothing more powerful than a group of Baltimoreans dedicated to something."

Mia Hp Video Season 4 Baltimore

Season 4: Baltimore

We showcase the stories of one woman who’s proving that you can build a big business from a small idea and of a couple who are driving their dreams of business success by choosing self-care and family wellness. Don’t miss this season’s unforgettable entrepreneurs.

Mia Hp Video Season 4 Phoenix

Season 3: Phoenix

Made in America heads to Phoenix for Season 3 to document how entrepreneurs Dizzie Ramsey and Cherilyn and Mike Yazzie of Coffee Pot Farms are nurturing the community in very different ways.
Mia Hp Video Season 4 Atlanta

Season 2: Atlanta

As COVID-19 brings small businesses in America to a standstill, Atlanta entrepreneurs Yolanda Owens and the Robinson family show the grit, creativity and resilience needed to rise above and keep growing.
Mia Hp Video Season 4 Memphis

Season 1: Memphis

Two powerful, determined women. One dream to make the lives they want by earning a living their way. Follow the stories of Memphis entrepreneurs Consuelo Rosales and Sequoia Ferguson in Season 1 of Made in America.

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Made in America celebrates the resilience and determination of small business owners and is created alongside our social impact program Empower by GoDaddy, which helps entrepreneurs in underserved communities. The series seeks to inspire entrepreneurs and encourage audiences around the world to support small businesses in their local communities.


Baltimore has more than twice the number of microbusinesses per capita than the national metropolitan average.

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Baltimore. Phoenix. Atlanta. Memphis. Watch this award-winning series about everyday entrepreneurs across America who are beating the odds to achieve success.

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