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    Looking for Feedback and Optimizing my Antiques and Collectables Website

    Hello people

    Looking for advise to improve my site.  I'm a late starter with these sites but here goes.

    My name is David and I am an Antique Dealer - Antiques and Collectables of course main supply.

    Wish to remain an on line only business at the moment (No physical place to visit)

    Need visitors etc.,  Need search engine optimising.  So any help will be greatfully received.

    Site is htpp://

    Any suggestions ?



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    My parents were Antique Dealers (my Mom and Sister still are) and I grew up at flea markets and auctions here in the States -- so it was fun going through your site!




    => Since you are new, getting a logo that is memorable and unique that has your company name is important for branding.  Right now you just have an "Antiques" graphic.  That could apply to any antique and collectible shop. You want to use the same image across all platforms too.  For example, on Facebook I don't understand why you are using the profile image that you are...


    => Remove your gmail address from the Contact page.  That link will just be farmed and your spam will increase exponentially!  Again for branding purposes, you should be using an email address with your domain name such as in all your communications.  Always have a link to a form where you can garner more information to better help those with inquiries.


    => You have some very nice and pricey items.  But only a small mention of shipping (Delivery page) and no mention of available payment options until you get into the cart and have to provide personal info. Your Delivery page should be much more detailed.  Since you advise shipping after the fact (that doesn't encourage orders) I would have an easy to find form for a shipping quote so folks can easily get shipping fees before ordering. Becaue of the nature of the items you are shipping, packaging is not going to be cheap -- explain all that in detail and how extra packaging to protect their purchases will be provided (and charged for).


    => You do not have the necessary policies posted to indicate that you are to be trusted.  You want to setup the following policy pages: Privacy & Security Pollicy, Customer Service Policy, Return Policy.


    => Create a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page addressing all the questions customers would have about doing business with you.


    => We don't have an About page. Who are you?  Why do you do what you do?  Include a photo of yourself with a bit of personal information to show you are a real person who can be trusted and is approachable.


    => On pages that show: New products are coming soon! see if you can add a link for visitors to subscribe to your newsletter to be updated when new products are added.  Adding a newsletter subscribe box on the site so folks can get notified of new additions is a must to lure them back.


    => Your Pinterest link goes to a "page not found".


    "Seach Engine Optimzing" is a general statement and is easier typed than done. Start by optimizing product titles and descriptions to be detailed and very descriptive.  Setup an account on Google Console, get your site verified and submit a site map.  The start adding content (Blog) and actively participate on social.


    HTH! 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin