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Domain name transfer free

I received a good offer to change hosting company, hostgator for godaddy after transfer my websites now wanted to transfer the domain, however the unique way that I saw was paying $ 8 per transfer, that to me is a steal I have many websites. Why not informed me that before! really I do not understand!

Former Employee

We're happy to help with general questions here, @byluann  - However, yours may require a specific response from


Transfer charges are listed on the website, but the costs will also depend on the types and numbers of domains you are moving (.COM, .NET, .ORG, Country Code domains, etc.) and if you want to renew them. Some domains (.CO.UK for example) transfer for free. Others (.COM for example) have a transfer fee, but you get a year's registration extension upon transfer. Finally, don't forget that there is also our Discount Domain Club for the lowest volume prices on new domains, transfers, and renewals


Contacting support will get you the best cost combination available. They can also advise you if any additional sale or special pricing is available to you at the time of the contact.


So, while I'm sure no unexpected surprise was intended, contacting them will always help you to move your service to us at the lowest cost.



Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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