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    Domain creation using reseller account ?

    Hello Team,
    I have few questions related to resell domain registration 

    1. Can I get Domain creation API in reseller program?

    2. who would be owner if domain is created under reseller account? me or my customer or anyoneelse?

    3. Can you please tell me end to end flow of domain creation?

    This answers are 'very helpful to me to take decision for became partner with Godaddy or not

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    Hi @priyap,


    Welcome to the Community!

    When you decide to be a vendor for GoDaddy products in a reseller plans, you are able to define the products and prices you want for this turnkey business.


    1. You can sell the registration of the domains. Because you require an accredited registrar to do so, they will be registered by GoDaddy on the back-end. Your only action is to decide which TLDs you want to offer.


    2. Your customers, with their own accounts, would be the owners - or registrants - of the domains that you sell. You do not own the domains.


    3. The domains are obtained through their respective Registries. There is no action you need to take with those registries, and all support for the domains will go through a GoDaddy system. Your reseller name will be used for that support.


    You can view more about the reseller plan here.



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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