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Domain not reflected on subpages

Have an issue with hosting account. My hosting account is “” I have several domains. Problem is, when I forward domains to cover over “” ( is one example), their subpages still show up as “” or something like that. I wish instead it would be”. This is reflected in all my “professional” sites sadly.


What am I doing wrong?






Hey @rudys_fire


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Sounds like you may not have pointed the additional domains to their respective subfolders. That or there was a redirect script within the root directory, like an .htaccess file that was rewriting the URL address to  match the primary domain associated with the hosting plan. 


Looking at some of the example links provided, seems like you might have worked this out on your own. Can you let us know what you did to get it fixed? I'm sure other members reviewing this discussion who might encounter a similar issue would appreciate the suggestion. 


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