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Urgent: Contact Forms / "Submit" button

Potential customers are leaving my website without filling out my contact form.


One of those reasons is the "SUBMIT" Button.


The word “submit” is such a negative word.


Who wants to “submit” to anything. I’d rather “Send” or “Request a Quote”.


Here’s how Google defines the word, “submit”.

accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person.
"the original settlers were forced to submit to Bulgarian rule"


I have been reaching out to Godady many times about this issue.


I am hoping you will fix it so that we have the option to replace the "Submit" button with another word(s).


Do you guys agree?


Re: Urgent: Contact Forms / "Submit" button

Hi @LongTimeCustome


Thank you for your post. Very interesting concern that you brought up. I do not believe that our develops plan to make any hard code edits to the form however there may be an alternative solution to your concern. The Website builder v7 does support custom HTML and you may be able to utilize a 3rd party form to obtain the end result you are looking for. Unfortunately, we would not be able to support the implementation of the code or troubleshoot it's functionality but it may just be the solution to your concern. 


Hope this helps!