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Are They Selling Our Personal Data???

I registered a domain about a month ago using GoDaddy. Since then I've been flooded with spam from web developers soliciting me to buy their services. Fortunately I used an email alias so I can just delete it and create a new one. However, I'm concerned that I'll just start getting spammed at that email address as well. Is there something in the TOS when I signed up for my GD account that says GD is going to make my email address available to third parties?


HI @Ryan_Anthony


Thank you for your post. Sounds like you may have recently registered a domain without the privacy protection feature which would most likely be the cause of the extensive amount of SPAM/Marketing emails that you are receiving after the domain registration.


Many developers, scammers and other sources will use the public domain databases such as to retrieve registrant information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses to make contact with domain registrants for the purpose of potential business or phishing attempts. 


Listing registrant data for registered domains are a requirement of ICANN, however GoDaddy and many other registrars have chosen to help combat this and protect their clients information with domain privacy which will mask the registrant personal data and replace it with the companies proxy data.


To learn more about this feature I have included a link to the support article. If you would like to add this feature to your domains I recommend contacting our 24/7 support line so that our agents may ensure that all your domains are covered by this type of protection to help avoid any future occurrences of this. 


Private Registration FAQ


Best wishes!


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Don't blame godaddy, you can see new registrations here and

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Hello @CT1234!


I'm sorry to hear that you're getting these unwanted solicitations after registering your domain with us.

We take our customers' privacy very seriously.  Other than as described in the GoDaddy Privacy Policy, we do not provide information to others without our customers' express permission. GoDaddy does not sell lists or aid in the creation of unwanted email or spam.

If you have been receiving spam, based on the information you have provided, it appears your contact information may have been gathered from the WHOIS information on your domain name(s).

Per our registrar agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the contact and registrant information listed for a domain name must be made public in the WHOIS database. The WHOIS database is an Internet service that finds information about a domain name or IP address.  False information is a violation and may lead to the termination of a domain registration.  As part of the Domain Name Registration Agreement, when you register a domain name, you agree to display certain contact information in the WHOIS.

GoDaddy does offer private registration services as an add-on service for select domain names.  Information on what benefits Private Registration provides and how our customers may add the service to their domain(s) may be viewed at the links below:

Private Registration FAQ
Add Private Registration

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our 24-hour Customer Consultation and Care team.

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for being a GoDaddy customer.

Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

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Helper VI

It is usually like that.  As far as I know, the registrant's info is open to anybody via whois in order to protect the general public... You can however, pay extra to make your information private.

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

I have not used GoDaddy as my registrar (until recently) but I have had a few domains for a few years and even when they were not private I have never been heavily spammed. It seems however that any possible evidence that the spammers are getting contact information from GoDaddy is entirely circumstantial.

Helper VI

Here is an example the shows GD WHOIS:

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @
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I am encountering the same thing...  I believe GoDaddy is selling the information.  How would someone within days think to search for contact information on what was previously a non-existent domain.

Figure if they sell the public contact lists (or dump them publicly) it makes their "private registration" more valuable.



@BitFiddler wrote:

I am encountering the same thing...  I believe GoDaddy is selling the information.  How would someone within days think to search for contact information on what was previously a non-existent domain.

Figure if they sell the public contact lists (or dump them publicly) it makes their "private registration" more valuable.



Did you read what JHasselbring said? Are you familiar with how domain registration works? Are you aware of the requirement that domain names have valid contact information? Did you know that essentially all registrars offer private registration?

I have 14 GoDaddy Domains  


Never had a spam problem until I got Number 14   


I am not happy with the amount of emails I am getting

Same issue here. I have several domains previously purchased thru godaddy and no issues. Purchased my most recent less than a week ago and I am now getting phone calls, emails and text messages. Very unhappy with Godaddy at this moment. 

Hi Sam - I'd like to respond to your questions:  Yes to all of them.  However, it seems that people are somehow finding out about new domain registrations.  The question is how?

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When you register a domain at any registrar, your personal information including your email address is made public in WhoIS service that every registrar or domain registry keeps. This information is in public domain and anybody can access it. To avoid spammers you may use a fake email address but that is against the TOS and you may lose the domain. Simple way is create another email at any free mail service and use it only to register domains. Do not use your personal/business email id. Or, you can buy domain privacy/protection services which will mask your email address, name, residential address, telephone number, etc. in the WHOIS database, and so public will not be able to spam you and you will still remain the legal registrant and owner of the domain name.

Web Pro

This is a non-answer, it still doesn't explain how spammers get the info about new domain registrations. So, how do they get the info? Where is the list of newly registered domains published? If that doesn't exist, then the only other way spammers would know is by GoDaddy publishing and/or selling the info of newly registered domains. Don't mess around and give us a real explanation!! 

So godaddy, you've found a loophole for legal harassment and the canned response from your 'service reps' is always the same.  "It's not us doing this.  It's ICANN.  However... if you give us more money, we'll protect your privacy."  Wow!  Thanks!  So basically you've said that it IS you doing this, because you have a simple way to fix it, but you don't care about your customers because if you did you would give us the privacy we deserve for being longstanding, loyal godaddy customers without charging us additional fees.  It's disgusting that you will continue to line your pockets by offering a false choice to your customers.  I have purchased 20 domains and have been a loyal customer for 2 decades.  I even purchased 3 more domains a few weeks ago and have been inundated day and night, weekdays and weekends, through calls, emails and texts.  It is bordering on harassment and I've spoken to several of your service reps who all seem to agree that this is wrong and that godaddy customers shouldn't have to deal with this; but... there is 'nothing they can do'.  It has never been like this in all the years I've been purchasing domains.  This continued release of our information that seems to only be able to be solved if we give you MORE money is sickening.  You should understand something; in this day and age you can't continue to pass the buck by pawning off the blame onto someone/something else when we know there is something that you as a company can do about it.  You just choose not to.  Giving your customers (especially the longstanding ones) the privacy we deserve without having to constantly incur additional fees due to new arbitrary rules is a deplorable act.  This is not lost on your customers despite the fact that you continue to play the blame game without helping anyone.

But how do they find out about NEW registrations?


I am pissed. Since being a customer with this company, I have had endless telemarketers and scammers call me repeatedly and now my emails are being hacked.

Hi there. While you could change your email accounts passwords to more complex ones (eg. This!sMyP@sSw0rD) and blacklisting the numbers on your mobile. I'm sure its probably malware on your mobile/computer.

My friends have had Godaddy as hosting solutions provider for almost a decade now and they've never complained about those sort of things..

Maybe check your computer for malware and/or rootkits?


Best regards,


Community Manager

Hi @krfeltes. Sorry to hear that's happening for you. @RBucci definitely has some good suggestions on moving forward. I also wanted to assure you that GoDaddy doesn't sell information. The most likely cause of the calls you're seeing is that the callers were able to look up your WHOIS information. Please take a look at this article, which explains how that can happen.



JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

I just canceled my domain today due to the same issue. I registered on a saturday, then starting Monday morning I received 7 calls from 7 different cities with 4 different spam texts in one day! Absolutely ridiculous. I then realized it was the WHOIS information that godaddy makes public...basically everything you use to register your domain (name, address, email, phone number). 1and1 offers security (replacing the information with generic information) for free. Godaddy wants $8 for it. Yeah right. Godaddy is a joke. Then i go to register an email and surprise surprise... 1and1 gives them free, godaddy makes you pay. Then after I cancel my domain, of course every provider I try to register with now says it's not available. I'll use 1and1 from now on, they're cheaper and I don't have to deal with a dozen scammers because they offer to keep your info private for free.

P.S. The admin claiming it's not godaddy should explain why the texts read "Congrats, You have been selected for Godaddy 70% Business Video Animation Deal. Click Here NOW to activate your deal. Expiring in 2 hrs, Hurry up" and "Urgent! Last Day for Godaddy Special 70% Off Animated Business Video Deal. Click Here to Activate this Deal Now & Boost your Sales by 1000%."

Its very easy to know which domain registrar a person used in the Whois record.  So it is easy to tailor the message to target the person like a GoDaddy customer.


A few of my domains I have to make my details public as part of owning the domain.  I do get spam directed at the contact details listed in the WhoIs record for those domains. Something I accept because it is part of doing business as a domain owner.


I edit the Whois information with an email address, phone number that is unique just for Whois records so my personal information is not listed on the Whois record.  That way my personal email, phone number and the like are not spammed by spammers trolling the Whois record database.

Same. Phone calls, texts. I feel like everyone has my information (home address included)

This has worked very well for us and we have been in the business for some 18 years. We register all websites with a special email address like and set it up to only accept email from approved accounts like Our spam has dropped to next to nothing as has the problem for our clients that use his system too. 

The phone number that we provide goes to an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) that we had set up by one of the technicians working at BestBuy. I don't believe BestBuy sold the product but the tech had previously set it up for his parents business and I was able to hire him to do the same for me. You can check it out here

The phone system was expensive but comes in very useful in other ways for our business. The email solution is free and all available on your server or with most third party email addresses like GMail and Outlook. 

Hope that helps and once you set up the email filters you will find many other uses for them too. 

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I am being inundated with nonstop spam via email, direct phone and even text messages. I'm completely disgusted. I shouldn't have to pay extra to a company that I already pay to keep my information private.
Very poor business and ethnics on your part Godaddy. I will look into other avenues for future business.