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Domain suspended due to wrong Persional Information



I have Domin,it was working fine since last 1 year and today automatically its get suspended, i tried support number they told me that we are taking your complain ,our review team will check and activate your Domin


1- How can any one Disable my domin,whithout given any notification?

2- Do you really think Go daddy should do this? 

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Re: Domain suspended due to wrong Persional Information



Something doesn't make sense...  Smiley Frustrated


There are so many reasons why a site can go off-line:


Did you have a hosting plan that you did not renew/pay for?


Is your email address correct within your account to receive any notifications? 


Did you add GoDaddy's email address to your whitelist, approved senders/address book so any email from GoDaddy would get through?


I've never had a single domain deactivated and I've had my domains with GoDaddy for decades. 


To answer your last question, GoDaddy most certainly can discontinue services due to TOS violations or lack of payment.  And you would receive an email to that effect.


I would double-check that all my contact information is up to date and current!


HTH! Smiley Wink

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