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I just updated my contact info so I cant transfer the domain


I just updated my contact info then I realized that I cant transfer the domain to other registrar within 60 days!


I'm already have a hosting with other company and I have to use It

I cant wait 60 days I need to start my work on the new version of the website


what can we do?

Helper VI

@Sumatah well, that shouldn't be a problem.

You can point your domain to your hosting account (the other company), and work with your site without issues.

Later, once the 60 days pass, you can transfer it if you want.


But note that it doesn't matter if your domain is in godaddy or any other registrar, you should be able to work with your site and then transfer it.


Hope it helps!

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I have the same problem - domain locked today for 60 days but I want to point to the new servers - how do you do this as I can't find this in the control panel?


Any advice is greatly welcomed.

Hi @jjautos


Pointing your nameservers can be done by using the instructions below. And your domain can be registered anywhere (you may keep it at GoDaddy, if you choose) as long as the nameservers are directing to your hosting provider.


Finding Your Nameservers for hosting with us:


Updating the Nameservers on your domain:



TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Many thanks TLH - Now sorted.