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Did you mean: Transfer In Problem - "Accept transfer with current registrar."

One of my domains is showing as having had the tag updated on whois and confirmed with Nominet but it's still not completed with Godaddy.


It is showing recommended action as "Accept transfer with current registrar." - this transfer was accepted when the Nominet transfer form was completed.

Whois shows the domain in my name and registered at Godaddy but I'm unable to make any changes etc as it's still showing as pending transfer.


Any ideas?

Community Manager

Hi @nipper1924. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community!


With .UK domains, in addition to updating your IPS tag, you also need to purchase a $0 transfer from our website. My guess would be that this hasn't happened yet. Once you "purchase" the transfer, it should complete on our end and the domain should appear in your account. If that's not what's going on, perhaps you can post the domain in question. Others may have additional suggestions. 


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